Tutorial: Autumn leaves toenail design!

I’m in a Fall-inspired mood and so my toes have to be too!

The items I used for this design are:

(Whoa that’s a lot of nailpolish! :p)

– base coat and top coat by OPI

– pale green (Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI)

– yellow nail art striper (Flower Power by Essence)

– yellow nail polish (301 by Miss Sporty)

-orange nail art striper (022 by L’Ambre Noir)

– orange nailpolish (Fruit Punch from the Return to Paradise collection by Essence)

– red nail art striper (by Eva Cosmetics)

– brown nail art striper (by Orkide)

– toothpick

After applying your basecoat, apply two coats of the pale green color:

Using the yellow nail art striper, make a large leaf shape on your big toe. Make it nice and fat, as this will be the main canvas of the design. Fill in the leaf outlines with regular yellow nailpolish:

While the yellow polish is still tacky, apply a small elongated blob in the middle of the leaf shape:

Then, take the toothpick and drag the yellow out to the sides and swirl the orange into the yellow. Don’t worry if some of the green starts to peek through; this will only add to the nice marbling effect đŸ™‚

While you are waiting for your big toes to dry, draw little leaf shapes on your other toes using the yellow and organge nail art stripers:

Then, with the red nail art striper, draw a line down the length of the leaf. From there, draw lines in a “leaf vein” pattern. Make the lines a bit thicker than the width of the brush. On the little toes, a thin line down the length of the leaf is enough.

Afterwards, take a dark brown nail art striper and trace the inside of the red with a thin brown stripe. On the little toes, trace the red line and add a few extra leaf veins with the brown striper.

Wait for 10 minutes until your design is completely dry, then apply a top coat and you’re done! đŸ˜€

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