Classic French Tip

This week I’m at a conference in Prague, so I needed to have work-approporiate nails. The universally appropriate, feminine, and gorgeous design perfect for this is of course the classic french tip.

Learning the technique of the french tip is essential if you are into nail art, since it is such an easy way to create the classical sophisticated look, as well as many other fun designs. It is a nail art staple.

This is how i create a classic white french tip.

Firstly, I apply a base coat.

From this picture you might notice that since my nails are quite short, I don’t have a natural “white tip” on my nails. That is ok, we can be tricky and draw one anyway.

The next step is optional, but I like to apply two coats of a very sheer matt pinkish-cream color as the base. This will even out the color and surface of my nails.

The next step is to create the actual white tip. There are several ways to do this. One is to use white nail art brushes.

Most nail art brushes are quite thin and long, like this Inglot one:

Others are shorter and more stiff, like this Catrice one:

Personally I prefer using the shorter one since I find it gives me more control and therefore a more precise application.

To draw the white part, just wipe the excess polish from the brush on the edge of the tube, beginning in one corner, draw the line. It doesn’t have to be one fluid motion, you can always draw it in strokes and correct the line as you go along. Start at the very tip and work your way up–this way you will have more room for mistakes.

For drawing with your non-dominant (usually left) hand, hold the brush firmly with your non-dominant nand, and rotate the fingers on your dominant hand under the brush.

Another way of making a french tip is using special sticker strips for this.

These are available in all nail art sections at most drugstores. If you use them directly, they might adhere to your base coats and peel them off when removed. To avoid this, just stick and peel the stickers several times on the back of your hand first, to remove the excess glue.

Then, simly slide the sticker around on your nail until it fits the shape you want to achieve, and press it firmly onto the nail.

Now you can either use a tip-painter or a regular opaque white color to fill in the tip. Wait a few minutes until the polish is semi-dry, then carefully peel off the sticker.

Finally, finish off with several layers of top coat. This step is absolutely necessary for this particular design, as the white polishes are usually not formulated to last without a topcoat; they will likely start chipping off within several hours if you don’t apply it.

Enjoy your design XOXO


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