Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat nail art tutorial 2!

Hi peeps! Since according to this post, you all absolutely loved these two tutorials, I made a new Cat in the Hat* nail art design!

This one was inspired by this picture of the Cat with a blue background:

Here are the items I used:

– base coat by OPI, top coat by Seche vite

– sky blue polish (Denim Dreams by H&M)

– red polish (036 by Inglot)

– opaque white polish (by Seventeen)

– red, white, and black nail art stripers

– a medium and a very small dotting tool or toothpick

Once your base coat has dried, apply the sky blue color to your nails.

Next, create quite a thick french tip on all fingers but your ring finger:

Next, with the red nail art striper, create two thin red stripes over the white tip: one at the base of the strip, the second one in the middle. This will represen the cat’s hat 🙂

Get your red and white nailpolishes, along with your dotting tools and a scrap sheet of paper, ready.

Dab a bit of the white nailpolish on the scrap sheet of paper, and with the medium dotting tool, roughtly create the outline of the Cat in the Hat on your ring finger.

Next, dab a bit of the red polish onto the paper and with the smaller dotting tool, create the red hat stripes and the bow.

Finally, with the black nailpolish and the smallest dotting tool you have, fill in the black parts of the cat’s body and draw his facial features.

Since you applied so many layers of nailpolish, wait a long while (I would recommend an hour) until your design is completely dry before applying your top coat.

You’re done! Have fun with your nail design XXOX

*Disclaimer: I don’t own the cat in the hat image posted above; I borrowed it to use for inspiration 😉


Valentine’s Day tutorial: Hearts on a string

Hey guys and gals! Today I’m posting a tutorial I originally did for Valentine’s day, but never got around posting it on time cause I was busy with schoolwork… better late than never, eh?

It was inspired by the gigantic heart-shaped lolipops that are sold everywhere around V-day, though my boyfriend (who has Frisian roots) thought hat I had based it on the Frisian flag… ah, romance and patriotism! (Btw, no disrespect, but isn’t that the cutest flag ever?)

Here are the items I used for this design:

– base (OPI) and top coat (Seche Vite)

– white polish (Seventeen)

– sparkly dark blue (547 Blue Monday by GOSH)

– bright red (12 deman by Essence from the Let’s Go Girls collection)

– white nail art striper (Inglot)

– a toothpick

– a large and a medium dotting tool

Once your base coat has dried, apply the dark blue to your nails:

With the white nail art striper, draw a single vertical line on each nail, slightly off-center.

Dab a bit of the white nailpolish on a piece of scrap paper/plasitc. Pick up a bit of color with the dotting tool and create three pairs of dots, close to (but not touching) the line.

Wait 20-40 seconds for the nailpolish to become tacky, then using the toothpick drag the nailpolish from the centers of the dots towards the line, so that they meet at a point below the dots, forming a heart.

Next, take the red nailpolish and dab a bit onto the scrap paper. With the smaller dotting tool, place dots in the midle of the white circles and adjust the shape accordingly, until the red covers the white and forms a neat heart shape. Repeat this on all of your fingers.

Finally, apply a top coat to seal and protect your design. Time to get all romantic! (Or if you’re Frisian–patriotic ;)) XOXO


As promised, here is the Ravenclaw tutorial 🙂

Items used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– dark blue (Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! by Catrice)

– white, gold, gold glitter, and black nail art stripers

– a detailing brush

– blue rhinestones

Here is the picture I used for inspiration:

Apply a basecoat to your nails. Once that is dry, apply the base blue color.

With the white striper, paint parallel vertical lines on all your nails except the ring finger.

Then, take a scrap sheet of paper and  dot a bit of the blue on it.

Get your detailing brush ready. I’m using a small lip brush from a local drugstore.

With the detailing brush, draw diagonal lines on your nails. You should end up with a design similar to the background of the Ravenclaw coat of arms. Next, take the golden art striper and draw a shape resembling a coat of arms.

With the black art striper, outline it and draw the letter R in the center of it. Apply a few blue rhinestones on the letter for some extra bling. Here, i am using star-shaped rhinestones.

Finally, apply some golden glitter polish on the white stripes. Wait until your design is completely dry before applying the top coat, and you’re done! Have fun casting spells 😉 XOXO


Request: Mermaid toes!

Christina requested a sea-themed design, so here it is 🙂

This is actually really easy to do, if you have the wavy stencils. These can be found at Essence nail art counters, or if you don’t have Essence where you live, other nail art companies should have similar sticker designs.

Here are the items I used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– a pearly sea-green color (330) by Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours

– a deep blue color (04 Forever Mine) by Essence, from the Denim Wanted collection

– wave-shaped Essence Nail Art Designs stencil stickers

– a makeup sponge

– a medium and a small dotting tool

Begin by applying the base coat, followed by the light sea-green polish. I absolutely love this color–it looks like bubblegum green 🙂

Make sure this coat is thoroughly dry before applying the wave-shaped stencils, otherwise some polish may come off when you remove the stencils.

I only had eight stickers left, but this was enough since 1/2 a stencil is enough for each of the little toes 🙂

Place the stencils about 1/2 way up the nail, press down firmly to make sure there are no gaps.

Next, take a scrap sheet of paper and place a bit of the blue nail polish on it. Have your makeup sponge (a regular disposable foundation applicator sponge) ready.

Dip the makeup sponge into the polish, dab off any excess polish on the sheet.

With a light touch, dab a full coat of polish on the uncovered side of your toenails. Once that is dry, sponge on a second coat.

This can get really messy, so while you are waiting for the final coat to dry, clean up the skin around your nails with a q-tip dipped into some nail polish remover.

When the polish is dry, carefully peel off the stencils.

Next, dab a bit of the blue nail polish on the sheet and use a medium-large dotting tool to create some dots on the green side. Repeat with the green polish on the blue side.

Next, take the smallest dotting tool you have and add smaller blue dots in the center of the large green dots and vice versa.

Wait for everything to completely dry, then apply a top coat and you’re done! Happy swimming 🙂 XOXO

Tutorial: Nemo Toes!

This design began as a challenge when I got the gorgeous MaxFactor Dazzling Blue polish last week: my friend saw it and said I should do a Nemo*-inspired design with it! So I did 🙂

Here are the items I used for the design:

– base coat and top coat by OPI

– shimmery golden blue nail polish (14 Dazzling Blue by MaxFactor)

– orange nail polish (04 Fruit Punch from the Return to Paradise collection by Essence)

– opaque white nail polish (103 by Seventeen Cosmetics)

– glitter top coat (Essence)

– white nail art striper (29 by Inglot)

– light green nail art striper (28 by Coral Art)

– dark green nail art striper (35 by Coral Art)

– pink nail art striper (012 by Viva Nail Art) –not in photo

– black nail art pen (02 Cool Black by Essence)

– XS and XL dotting tools

– toothpick

Firstly, apply a base coat to protect your natural nails. Then, apply several coats of the golden shimmery blue color.

Next, we will draw Nemo on the large toes. When drawing a cartoon character on your nails, it is easiest to work from a picture. Choose a picture that is as easy as possible to recreate. I chose this picture of Nemo that I found here.

I also recommend practicing the design on paper before attempting it on your nail, to get a feel for the tools.

Begin by making a large round-ish orange blob in the center of your large toenail. If necessary, correct the shape of the blob using a toothpick.

Next, put a few drops of the orange nail polish onto a sheet of paper. Use a small dotting tool or a toothpick to create the fins and tail. Remember that Nemo’s right fin was much smaller than his left fin 🙂 And don’t worry if your design is not perfect! Just have fun with it and it will take shape 😀

Next, take the white nail art striper and draw the white stripe that whill make your white blob instantly recognizable as Nemo! Use a large dotting tool to create two gigantic white blobs for the eyes. Take a pink nail art striper and draw a small triangle beneath the eyes to represent Nemo’s mouth.

After this step is complete, wait at least 10 minutes for all the layers to dry. This is because the next step is to use a black nail art pen to draw Nemo’s pupils and outline all of the details. (If you do this step before the nail polish dries completely, you might smudge the design with the hard tip of the nail art pen.)

Next, let’s draw Nemo some nice seaweed! This can be done with simple squiggly lines using the light and dark nail art stripers. And don’t forget to add some seaweed to your little toes!

As a fun finishing step, once the design is dry, add some sparkles to your nails with clear glitter polish. Finish off with a layer of top coat and you’re done!!

Now you can hide your toes and challenge people to find Nemo! 😀 XOXO

*disclaimer: I do not own any Disney characters, I only use them for inspiration 🙂

Quick tutorial: Milky way!

This nail design is very elegant and feminine, and it’s super quick and easy to do! It’s inspired by the starry sky on a chilly Autumn night.

These are the itmes I used:

– base coat and top coat by OPI

– very dark blue (Light My Sapphire by OPI)

– translucent blue with glitter (Glisten Up! by Essence) –if you don’t have this, just use regular glitter

– Star-shaped and circular white rhinestones

– q-tip (to pick up rhinestones)

Begin by applying a layer of base coat to your nails. Then, paint your nails with the dark blue color (you can also use black instead of blue)–this will be the background for our starry sky.

Next, apply the glitter layer. For the translucent blue I am using, one coat is enough. This will give the amazing starry sky effect.

Finally, it’s time to create our Milky Way! The Milky Way in our sky is actually our own barred spiral galaxy, and it appears as a stripe in the sky because we are looking at it sideways*

* image courtesy of L.Landolfi, taken from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

To create that stripe, apply a stipe of topcoat where you want the stars to go, then use a wet cotton bud to pick up the star-shaped and rounded rhinestones and randomly place them along the stripe. It doesn’t have to be perfect–just have fun with your design! I chose to do this on my ring fingers and thumbs, but you can do it on any nails you want.

Finally, when the design is completely dry, apply several layers of top coat. Add more layers to the fingers with rhinestones to prevent them from chipping off. Here are more pictures of the design. Enjoy! XOXO


Hi guys! This Saturday I went to the market to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies, and on my way there I stopped by the drugstore and picked up these new nail art items!

Firstly, I picked up some express dry drops. These babies are a lifesaver when you’re on the go; previously I’d had only Inglot and OPI express dry drops, and both brands are quite expensive, so I was thrilled to see that Essence started carrying them! These were only around E1.50.

Next I picked up this Essence black stampy polish. I use the Essence stampy set (which I’m guessing is like the Konad nail stamp set that everyone on Youtube and their mom is raving about), and the designs don’t always transfer completely when you use it with regular nailpolish. So I’m hoping this will work better.

Next, from the color and go Essence (permanent) collection I picked up this gorgeous color! It’s called Glisten Up and it’s a very sheer blue with large random-shaped glitter bits… i applied it over a coat of black polish and it looked absolutely gorgeous. (Update: to see how the glitter looks over a dark polish click here.)

Next, I picked up these super-fun nail art stickers in three designs: pink stripes and two animal prints. Normally I’m sceptical about products like these, but they were only like a euro each so I decided to try them out… The packaging says “no chipping, lasts up to 5 days” so I’ll do a review on them later to see if that’s true :p

Finally, the star of the entire haul is this gooooorgeous Maxfactor MaxEffect nailpolish in 14, Dazzling Blue. It’s a blue with a warm golden undertone, which makes it perfect for Autumn designs. And I love my blues!!!! I’ve already recieved a challenge to do a Nemo-inspired design with this color, so watch out for that in the future 😉 XOXO

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