Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat nail art tutorial 2!

Hi peeps! Since according to this post, you all absolutely loved these two tutorials, I made a new Cat in the Hat* nail art design!

This one was inspired by this picture of the Cat with a blue background:

Here are the items I used:

– base coat by OPI, top coat by Seche vite

– sky blue polish (Denim Dreams by H&M)

– red polish (036 by Inglot)

– opaque white polish (by Seventeen)

– red, white, and black nail art stripers

– a medium and a very small dotting tool or toothpick

Once your base coat has dried, apply the sky blue color to your nails.

Next, create quite a thick french tip on all fingers but your ring finger:

Next, with the red nail art striper, create two thin red stripes over the white tip: one at the base of the strip, the second one in the middle. This will represen the cat’s hat 🙂

Get your red and white nailpolishes, along with your dotting tools and a scrap sheet of paper, ready.

Dab a bit of the white nailpolish on the scrap sheet of paper, and with the medium dotting tool, roughtly create the outline of the Cat in the Hat on your ring finger.

Next, dab a bit of the red polish onto the paper and with the smaller dotting tool, create the red hat stripes and the bow.

Finally, with the black nailpolish and the smallest dotting tool you have, fill in the black parts of the cat’s body and draw his facial features.

Since you applied so many layers of nailpolish, wait a long while (I would recommend an hour) until your design is completely dry before applying your top coat.

You’re done! Have fun with your nail design XXOX

*Disclaimer: I don’t own the cat in the hat image posted above; I borrowed it to use for inspiration 😉


Dr. Seuss Toes!

After doing a Dr. Seuss-inspired nail design I just had to do a toenail design to match 😉 And of course my all-time favorite Dr. Seuss character is the Grinch*!

He tries to be nasty, but he is good at heart and very loveble!

Here are the two designs together:

The items used for the toenail design are:

– base and top coat by OPI

– dark green shimmery nail varnish (22 by Etos Long Lasting)

– pale yellow nailpolish (105 by L’Ambre Noir)

– golden yellow nail art striper (15 by Coral Art)

– white nail art striper (by Inglot)

– black nail art pen (by Essence)

– toothpick

The first step is to apply a base coat to your nails. This is important to prolong your design and protect your natural nails.

Once the base is dry, apply the dark green polish to your little toes and the pale yellow to your big toe. You might need several coats, until the colors are opaque.

Once the yellow is completely dry, apply several blobs of green nailpolish on your big toe, to remotely resemble a pear-shaped object:

Quickly, while the nailpolish is still wet, use a toothpick to manipulate the green blob into a more rounded pear, with a little twig sticking out from the top. This pear will be our Grinch!

The next step is to create the eyes. Although the Grinch’s eyes are yellow, the color won’t show up on the green background very well, so first we’ll create a white background for it. Do this by creating two slanted dots:

While the white dots are drying, use a black nail art pen to outline the head and add the facial features and details: the little mohawk, the tiny dotted nose, and the mouth. Draw the mouth very close to the line of the chin.  Also, use the nail art pen to write “GRINCH” underneath.

All of these steps are better done when all of the previous layers of nailpolish are completely dry; otherwise the hard tip of the nail art pen can smudge the design. I also recommend you practice on a sheet of paper before using the nail art pens on your nails, to get a feel for the pen.

Now it’s time to draw the yellow eyes over the white elongated dots, using the golden nail art painter. Don’t forget to add the black little pupils once that is dry!

Finally, apply a top coat and you’re done! Have fun with your cartoonish green toes 🙂

A few more photos of the design:

*disclaimer: I don’t own any Dr. Seuss characters, I just use them for inspiration 🙂

Request: Dr. Seuss!!

bendedspoon kindly requested a nail tutorial for her daughter, who loves Dr. Seuss!

I love Dr. Seuss as well, and one of my favorite characters is the Cat in the Hat*!

Looking at this picutre, here is the design I came up with:

Here are the items I used to create this design:

– Base and top coat by OPI

– Shimmery golden-red nailpolish (24 by Etos Long Lasting polish)

– White nailpolish (103 by Seventeen Cosmetics)

– White nail art striper (29 by Inglot)

– Dark brown nail art striper (30 by Orkide)

– toothpick


1. After applying a basecoat, paint your ring finger white and the rest of your fingers red. I used a shimmery golden-red because it is a great color for fall, and because this will be a fun and playful design 🙂

2. Using the white nail-art striper, carefully paint two horizontal white stripes on each red nail. This will represent our Cat’s famous hat! Notice that the white stripes are somewhat thinner than the red ones.

Tip: to draw a straight horizontal line across your nail, it is easier to hold the brush steady and to rotate your nail. This tequnique works especially well when you are making a design on your dominant hand.

3. The next step is to create the lovely red bow that the Cat wears around his neck, on our ring finger. Start off by making a few blobs of the red polish on your nails, remotely resembling the bow:

Then, while the nailpolish is still wet, use a toothpick to quickly manipulate the blobs into the shape of a bow. Add more blobs if necessary.

4. As a finishing touch, outline the bow details and the boundaries between the lines with a thin black or dark brown striper. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfect; it will only add to the cartoonish and playful effect of the design.

5. Finally, if anyone still doubts what cartoon character your nail design is representing, write “The Cat in the Hat” on your thumb:

6. Once your design is completely dry, apply a top coat and you’re done!

Here are more photos of the design!

Coming soon: Dr. Seuss toenails! 😀

* disclaimer: I don’t own any of Dr. Seuss’ characters; I just use them for inspiration 🙂

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