Essence Whoom Boooom-inspired nail design

I’m back! I’ve been gone for nearly a month now due to exams, but they are over and I’m ready to play with nailpolish again 🙂

Firsly, the Essence Whoom Boooom-inspired look I’d promised ages ago. This was obviously inspired by the retro comicbook-style packaging of the Whoom Boom limited edition collection that came out in February… I know that was ages ago but you can still pick up a few items from there if you’re in the Netherlands, because the limited edition collections always come here late for some reason.

Anyway… I got only one nailpolish plus the nail stickers from that collection, so I tried to select colors similar to the ones in the collection for this design. Here are the items I used:

A base and top coat; dark blue, white, coral red, and lime green nail polishes; a white tip painter (for corrections); a small dotting tool, Essence Whoom Boooom stickers, angled french tip stickers, and clear adhesive tape.

Begin with applying a protective base coat over your bare nails, followed by several layers of the dark blue. Then, apply slanted strips of clear adhesive tape, to create a diagonal line on each of your nails. (Stick the tape on the back of your hand several times first, to remove the excess glue.) Then, paint the top half of the nail white.

Don’t worry if it’s a bit messy around your cuticles, you can always clean that up with a cotton swab and a bit of nailpolish remover later.

Wait until the nailpolish is nearly dry, then carefully peel off the tape.

Next, take the angled french nail tip guides (available at most drugstores or nail art counters), and position them on the white area, as in the picture (again, remove the excess glue first).

Apply the lime green to the tips on the nails.

When the green coat is nearly dry, carefully remove the guide stickers. Fix up any imperfections with the white nail tip painter.

Using the dotting tool, create little coral red dots along the edge where the white meets the green.

And now for the fun part! Using a pair of tweasers, carefully pick up one of the nail stickers and place it on the dark blue area of the nail. The set contains pleanty of colorful fun stickers with lips, dollar signs, exclamation points, speech bubbles, etc. And all the stickers smell of peppermint! Small impractical detail, but a really nice touch in my opinion.

Finally, apply a generous top coat to seal the stickers and bring all of the layers into a single design. Have fun wearing it! XOXO


Essence Whoom Boom (Haul + swatch)

The new Essence Whoom Boom limited collection edition is out and I picked up two things from the nail art section.

Firstly, the nail varnish. Out of the four nailpolishes I got just one: 01 Chacalaca. It;s a deep shimmer-free blue with a purple undertone.

Here is the swatch with a flash:

and in natural light:

The nail varnishes were around 1.75 euros each. There was also a hot pink, orange, and lime-green one but I already have similar shades so I passed on those.

The second thing I got was the nail art stickers that came with the collection.

They’re very cute and fun, and they’re scented! The smell is like eucalyptus mixed with liquorice… kind of like peppermint, which suits the style of the collection very well.

I’ve done a tutorial with the nail varnish and stickers, that will be up next so stay tuned 😉 XO

Mini collective haul January-March: Essence I Love Berlin, Catrice Urban Baroque

Hi guys!

February was declared a no-shopping month for me so I have a tinyhaul from a few thigs I picked up in the end of January and the beginning of March.

Firstly, from the Essence I Love Berlin LE collection I got three nailpolishes:

03 Green Grass, 05 Berlin Story, and the black matte tip painter.

Green Grass is an intense shimmer-free blue-green color. I’ve already done a tutorial with it–absolutely gorgeous color! And like all Catrice nailpolishes–very good quality.

05 Berlin Story is a plain black color, which is a great staple to have in your nailpolish collection. This one is quite opaque, so I’m really happy with it.

The tip painter is good as well; the brush is very thin and sturdy. I don’t care much that it’s a matte painter, as I’ll be using it with a top coat anyway.

Next, from the Catrice Urban Baroque LE collection, I was only able to get the C02 Rock Baroque color as all the others were sold out by the beginning of March 😦

It’s a gorgeous pastel pink color, though I was a bit dissappointed at the low pigmentation–the above coverage took five coats! Although this gives the nailcolor a translucent quality. Very pretty and feminine.

(I made an Urban Baroque-inspired tutorial with this color that’s coming up next so stay tuned ;))

Last but not least, I got 160 Sweets for my Sweets  from the permanent Catrice collection.

It’s a fun bright pink for an extra pop of color in the sunny Spring weather 😉 XO

Beige black french tip

This is a very simple and understated design, great for the office or conferences. The black french tip is a classic but a bit boring, so I spiced it up a bit. Enjoy 😉

Begin with ya neutral base color (I’m using 150 by My MNY, a milk chocolate-beige color)


With a black nail art striper (I’m using Essence), create a French tip on your nails.

Next, prepare a small dotting tool, a scrap sheet of paper, and a simple black nailpolish.

Dab a bit of the black polish onto the scrap sheet of paper, then using the dotting tool, create a line of small dots just under the french tip.

Now just add a top coat and you’re done! XO


Finally, here is the design that completes the Harry Potter series.

Hufflepuff colors are yellow and black, but I made a golden-black-white design, with no letters or coat-of-arms this time as I’d like this to be a wearable design even now that all of the Harry Potter hype has temporarily subsided 😉 So do try it out!! It’s a fun design and in my opinion turned out quite nice!

Here are the items I used, you can use similar colors for the same effect 😉

– base and top coat by OPI

– “Gold” by H&M

– White nailpolish by Seventeen

– Black and white nail art stripers by Essence

– dotting tool

For the design, I was inspired by the background of the Hufflepuff coat-of-arms (movie version), particularly the diagonal stripes and pretty leaf-looking thingies… anybody know what those are called?

Here is how to create the design. After your base coat has dried, apply the golden color to your nails until it is opaque.

Next, draw black diagonal stripes on your index, middle, and pinky fingernails.

On your ring finger and thumb, draw the leaf-design.

Next, put a  bit of white polish on a scrap sheet of paper. Use a dotting tool to create dots between the black lines. Don’t worry if the dots have random size and seemingly arbitrary position–this will make the design more interesting 😉

Also place four white dots around the leaf-design, at the tip, base, left and right sides of the nail.

With the white striper, draw a second, smaller leaf-shape within the larger black one. With the black nail art striper or a dotting tool, place smaller black dots inside the white dots on your ring finger and thumb.

Now just add a top coat and you’re done! Enjoy 🙂 XOXO

Request: Mermaid toes!

Christina requested a sea-themed design, so here it is 🙂

This is actually really easy to do, if you have the wavy stencils. These can be found at Essence nail art counters, or if you don’t have Essence where you live, other nail art companies should have similar sticker designs.

Here are the items I used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– a pearly sea-green color (330) by Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours

– a deep blue color (04 Forever Mine) by Essence, from the Denim Wanted collection

– wave-shaped Essence Nail Art Designs stencil stickers

– a makeup sponge

– a medium and a small dotting tool

Begin by applying the base coat, followed by the light sea-green polish. I absolutely love this color–it looks like bubblegum green 🙂

Make sure this coat is thoroughly dry before applying the wave-shaped stencils, otherwise some polish may come off when you remove the stencils.

I only had eight stickers left, but this was enough since 1/2 a stencil is enough for each of the little toes 🙂

Place the stencils about 1/2 way up the nail, press down firmly to make sure there are no gaps.

Next, take a scrap sheet of paper and place a bit of the blue nail polish on it. Have your makeup sponge (a regular disposable foundation applicator sponge) ready.

Dip the makeup sponge into the polish, dab off any excess polish on the sheet.

With a light touch, dab a full coat of polish on the uncovered side of your toenails. Once that is dry, sponge on a second coat.

This can get really messy, so while you are waiting for the final coat to dry, clean up the skin around your nails with a q-tip dipped into some nail polish remover.

When the polish is dry, carefully peel off the stencils.

Next, dab a bit of the blue nail polish on the sheet and use a medium-large dotting tool to create some dots on the green side. Repeat with the green polish on the blue side.

Next, take the smallest dotting tool you have and add smaller blue dots in the center of the large green dots and vice versa.

Wait for everything to completely dry, then apply a top coat and you’re done! Happy swimming 🙂 XOXO

Essence Metallics review

Hi guys! Here’s the Essence Metallics collection review I promised some time ago.

I got all four in the collection (left to right): 01 Iron Goddess, 02 Copper Rulez, 03 Steel Me, and 04 Nothing Else Metals.

Besides being goureous, smooth, and unique colors, these also come with a special effect.  With them you could get a small magnet, with a line-pattern on it. The instructons say to apply the nail varnish and then quickly hold the magnet close to the surface of your nail to achieve the pattern.

I applied a swipe of eac polish to the surface of the magnet to see the pattern and this was the result:

Left to right: 03, 04, 01, 02.

There are thin magnetized strips that align the metallic particles in the nailpolish parallel to the strips.

So the nailpolish works well on the magnet, but how will it do on the nails?

After applying a basecoat and letting it dry completely, I applied a quick coat of the polish to my nail.

By itself the color is quite smooth and has impressive coverage for a 1.50 euro nailpolish. Just one coat was enough for all my nails.

It took a bit of playing around with the magnet before I was able to get the desired effect, but in the end it worked pretty well. I must say though,  you have to work pretty quickly in order to get the pattern, and it is rather difficult to get the magnet close enough to the nail without touching the wet polish, if you have shaky hands like I do.

Here are swatches with the magnetic line effect (single coat):

I’ve got 02 Copper Rulez on my pinky,

01 Iron Goddess on my ring finger,

03 Steel Me on my middle finger,

and 04 Nothing Else Metals on my index finger.

For my thumb, I did 03 Copper Rulez with a criss-cross effect (by alternating the direction of the magnet quickly).

The effect was the most visible with the Copper Rulez polish, though I personally liked Iron Goddess the most. Instead of defined lines (like the instructions promised), the magnet gives the nail the appearance of a wavy texture, which is even better (you can always draw plain lines with a nail art striper ;))

Finally, the polish is very long-lasting and chip-resistant. Over a good base coat, and with just one coat of the Iron Goddess and no top coat, the manicure lasted me five days without  chipping. So I would definitely recommend these–for 1.50 Euros a bottle + 1.30 for the magnet, they are definitely worth trying out 😉 XOXO

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