Guest post: Easy Spring flower design

The lovely Emma invited me to do a guest post for her blog, which I was happy to do! Emma’s blog is full of reviews, hauls, fashion and beauty tips, etc., and Emma is a really sweet girl with a young, feminine sense of style so make sure to check out her blog 🙂

This design is very easy to do without special tools–all you need is 3 of your favorite colors and a toothpick!

If you want to learn to create it, click here for the step-by-step instructions! XOXO


Springtime nail design: Blossoming Sakura

I know it’s still February but I am sooo ready for Spring! One of the first fruit trees to blossom is the winter cherry or sakura tree. In some parts of the world, it begins to blossom as early as January!

I don’t know what it is about this design, but whoever sees it usually recognizes it as distinctly Japanese-inspired. Why is that? Probably the deep-blue background versus the leafless branches with pink blossoms…

Here are the items I used for it:

– base (OPI) and top coat (Seche Vite)

– deep blue-green color (Green Grass by Essence, from the I love Berlin collection)

– Rosepetal-pink (by H&M)

– White (by Seventeen)

– Brown and chamagne-glitter nail art stripers

– a large and small dotting tool

– a toothpick

Begin by applying a base to your nails. Once that is dry, apply the base (deep blue-green) color:

Using the brown nail art striper, draw a branch on each nail. Don’t be afraid to get creative and random! 🙂

To emphasize the branches a bit, go over one side of the branch with the champagne glitter striper (you can also use silver or gold glitter if you don’t have this color.)

Next, prepare a scrap sheet of paper, your white polish, a large dotting tool, and a toothpick.

Dab a bit of the white polish onto the sheet, and using the large dotting tool, create several 3-dot clusters along the branches.

Wait 20-40 seconds for the nailpolish to become tacky, then using a toothpick drag the dots from each cluster into a point on the branch. This will turn the clusters into beautiful sakura blossoms 🙂

Repeat on the rest of your nails.

Next, take the pink nailpolish and with a small dotting tool and a toothpick create smaller flower clusters inside the white ones.

As a finishing touch, dab a bit of the champagne-colored glitter polish at the center of each flower.

Make sure to wait until the nailpolish is completely dry before applying a top coat. It will add a nice glossy shine and bring your whole design together (not to mention protect it from chipping for longer ;)) Enjoy your beautiful Sakura nail design! 🙂 XOXO


Longwood Garden

Hello Daaaahlings! I’m officially back from the US, but I’ve got a few more posts from there 😉 During the last week of my trip, I went to Longwood Gardens, a large botanical garden with an amazing flower collection. In preparation for the trip, I created one of my favorite flower designs–water lilies. It’s a very feminine design and looks complicated, but it’s actually super-easy to create.

Take your favorite base color (I’m using Queen of West Web-erly by OPI) and three nail art stripers (I’m using white, sliver, and taupe-gold) and let’s begin 🙂

Apply a base coat to protect your nails and let it dry. Then, apply your base color.

Next, use the white (or another opaque color) striper to create the lily petals.

Then, take the shimmery color (silver) and draw thin straight rays between the petals. Take the third striper color (gold) and draw short lines inside the petals.

Wait until the design dries completely, then apply a top coat, and you’re done!

Here are more pictures of the design with the beautiful flowers from Longwood Gardens XOXO

Summer Nails!

I was going through my holiday pics and came across some designs I did on the way to the beach with my mama. Yep, these were literally done “on the way”–it was a 17-hour train ride :p So considering how shaky train rides can sometimes be, don’t mind that they are a bit messy 😉

This is my mama’s nail design: yellow and blue flowers on a coral background. These are simlpe dot-and-drag flowers, very easy to do! I had to do them at the stops though–so it wouldn’t be as shaky.

These were my summer nails. It’s an olive branch, and it’s really easy and fun to do–even in a moving train! I’ll probably do a similar, fall or winter version with detailed explanations on how to do it 🙂

Finally, here are my summer toes 🙂 It’s a water-lilly inspired design. the vine is supposed to be continuing from the flower on the big toe to the little ones.

Hope this was helpful! XOXO

Romantic grey and pink

I did this matching design a while ago and recently found the pics for it.

This design is really fun to do with any of your three favorite colors, and it’s super-easy!

Items used:

– Basecoat: Nail Envy by OPI

– Colors: Grey (Catrice 280 London’s Weather Forecast), Baby pink (Catrice 210 Just Married), White (Seventeen 103)

– Topcoat: OPI

– pink and white rhinestones

– utensils: dotting tool, toothpick, water + q-tip (for applying rhinestones)


1. After appying a base coat to all nails, apply your base color (I used the grey for my fingernails and the pink for my toenails)

2. Use a dotting tool to make 4-5 dots in a circle where you intend to place the flower. I put two flowers on each of my fingernails, four flowers on my large toenail, and 1 flower each on the remaining flowers. Do just one nail at a time, since you don’t want the dots to dry completely just yet!

3.  Once the nailpolish has become a bit tacky, use a toothpick to drag from the center of each dot to the center of the flower. This will create a gorgeous petal shape.

4. Dot the centers of the flowers with the opposite color that you used for the petals.

5. Apply rhinestones the same color as the center of your flower, picking them up with a wet cotton bud and applying them over a swatch of clear polish or top coat. This step is optional; i only did it on my hands.

6. Once everything is completely dry, apply several coats of the top coat to protect your design. You’re done!

Very Tipsy Berry

Last night I had a sleepover with my ladies, with lots of sushi, cocktails, juicy gossip, etc. And of course the nailpolish came out and I managed some nail designs on my unsuspecting victims (muwahahha) and also on myself. Unfortunately I only have pics of my own design. It was insipred by strawberry margarittas and blackberry dessert 😉 Enjoy! XOXO

Items used:

– Basecoat: Nail Envy by OPI

– Polishes: Pink (Elephantastic Pink by OPI), dark blue (by Sephora), white nail striper (Inglot)

– Top coat: OPI


1. After applying a basecoat, paint one or two nails on each hand with bright pink. I chose a ring finger on my left and thumb and ring finger on my right hand. Paint the rest of the nails dark blue.

2. Using a white nail striper, create a simple flower on each of the pink nails.

3. Using a dotting tool or the same nail striper, create swirly dotted lines from the flowers to the opposite edges of the nail.

4. Wait 10 minutes until the design completely dries, then apply a top coat and you’re done!

Some pics of the design:

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