Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat nail art tutorial 2!

Hi peeps! Since according to this post, you all absolutely loved these two tutorials, I made a new Cat in the Hat* nail art design!

This one was inspired by this picture of the Cat with a blue background:

Here are the items I used:

– base coat by OPI, top coat by Seche vite

– sky blue polish (Denim Dreams by H&M)

– red polish (036 by Inglot)

– opaque white polish (by Seventeen)

– red, white, and black nail art stripers

– a medium and a very small dotting tool or toothpick

Once your base coat has dried, apply the sky blue color to your nails.

Next, create quite a thick french tip on all fingers but your ring finger:

Next, with the red nail art striper, create two thin red stripes over the white tip: one at the base of the strip, the second one in the middle. This will represen the cat’s hat 🙂

Get your red and white nailpolishes, along with your dotting tools and a scrap sheet of paper, ready.

Dab a bit of the white nailpolish on the scrap sheet of paper, and with the medium dotting tool, roughtly create the outline of the Cat in the Hat on your ring finger.

Next, dab a bit of the red polish onto the paper and with the smaller dotting tool, create the red hat stripes and the bow.

Finally, with the black nailpolish and the smallest dotting tool you have, fill in the black parts of the cat’s body and draw his facial features.

Since you applied so many layers of nailpolish, wait a long while (I would recommend an hour) until your design is completely dry before applying your top coat.

You’re done! Have fun with your nail design XXOX

*Disclaimer: I don’t own the cat in the hat image posted above; I borrowed it to use for inspiration 😉


Beige black french tip

This is a very simple and understated design, great for the office or conferences. The black french tip is a classic but a bit boring, so I spiced it up a bit. Enjoy 😉

Begin with ya neutral base color (I’m using 150 by My MNY, a milk chocolate-beige color)


With a black nail art striper (I’m using Essence), create a French tip on your nails.

Next, prepare a small dotting tool, a scrap sheet of paper, and a simple black nailpolish.

Dab a bit of the black polish onto the scrap sheet of paper, then using the dotting tool, create a line of small dots just under the french tip.

Now just add a top coat and you’re done! XO

Snowflake french tip

Hope you’ve all had a very Merry Christmas!

This Christmas I finally met my boyfriend’s family, so for the occasion I decided to do something simple and chic with my nails 🙂 I’m a firm believer that the classical french tip manicure is perfect for any occasion, and you can always add a bit of flavor to it with a simple design 😉

Here are the items I used:

– base by Inglot (out of Nail Envy—noooOoooOOooO!)

– translucent milky color by MNY

– silver and white nail art stripers by Essence

– top coat by OPI

Firstly, create a simple french tip using the translucent white polish  and white nail art painter.

Next, create a snowflake design on your ring finger and thumb. You can be creative, but the simples way to make snowflakes is to draw a 6-point cross and then elaborate a bit on each of the branches. I made one large snowflake and several tiny ones on each of the fingers.

Now, add a bit of detail with the silver nail art striper: outline the main branches, without touching the smaller ones. This will add a bit of depth and sparkle to your design.

Now just wait for the design to completely dry, then add a top coat and you’re done! Enjoy the beauty and elegance of Winter before it melts 😉 XOXO

Slytherin Pride!

Anybody else as excited as I am about the first part of the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows movie coming out soon? To celebrate, I’ll be doing a Hogwarts house-themed series of tutorials 🙂

A while ago, I did the sorting hat quiz on the Harry Potter website, and I got Slytherin as my house (twice!) Not bad, considering Salazar Slytherin’s favorite virtue was ambition 😉 (Plus, being selected to Slytherin makes me feel extra-badass since all the villans are from there :p)

So to honor my Hogwarts House, the first tutorial will be for Slytherin! 😀

Here are the items I used:

Slytherin’s colors are green and silver, so I used a green (250 I Sea You by Catrice) as my base color, and a sliver nail art striper (03 silver surfer by Essence) for the details. Additionaly, I used a base and top coat (OPI) and silver rhinestones.

Begin by applying a base coat. Then paint your nails with the green.

Then, create a silver french tip on all nails except your ring finger.

Draw a thin silver line under the tip on each nail, parallel to the tip.

Now it’s time to create the serpent-like S on the ring finger. I worked from the Slytherin logo above, which I had borrowed from a site I found through google (don’t remember the name of the site).

For extra bling, add some rhinestones to your S. I went a bit crazy and covered the whole S with silver rhinestones, but you can also try to do just the eyes on the snake.

Apply a generous top coat (gotta keep those rhinestones in place!) and you’re done!

Now I’m ready to cheer for my quiddich team and win over Draco Malfoy’s heart! 😉 XOXO

disclaimer: I don’t own any Harry Potter characters, I just use them for inspiration 🙂

Tutorial: Safari french tip

Recently I posted some pics of a design I did ages ago that I thought was very office-appropriate due to the neutral colors used, but at the same time fun and super-easy to do. I acutally got the idea for this design from kairedelysart on youtube, switched up the colors a bit and the safari french tip was born! Why safari french tip? When my boyfriend saw the design for the first time, he said it looks like the hoofs of some exotic animal :p well, i suppose so…

Here were the items i used to create the design:

– base coat and top coat by OPI

– taupe nail polish (200 From Dust to Dawn by Catrice)

– white nail polish (103 by Seventeen Cosmetics)

– dark brown nail art pen (30 by Orkide)

– large dotting tool


After applying a base coat, apply two coats of the taupe polish

Next, create a french tip with a black or a dark brown nail art pen.



This is a great design to practice your french tip skills, as the tip doesn’t have to be perfect! We’ll be covering it up later with white dots 🙂 I acually messed up my tip on my right thumb, but it’s ok 🙂

Next, we’ll be creating the dots. Take a scrap sheet of paper, dab a small amount of the white nailpolish on it, and get your largest dotting tool ready.

The tool I used here was acually sold as a paper-embossing tool in the hobby section at my local euro store, and it was like a euro for four different sizes. Super-bargain, considering dotting tools cost around 2 euros each at the nail art counters!

To make a symmetrical “hoof”, dip the dotting tool into the nailpolish and place one large dot in the middle of your nail, on the french tip line.

Next, place two smaller dots on both sides of the larger dot, along the tip line.

Finally, add two even smaller dots at the edges of the nail.

Repeat this process on the rest of your nails:

Wait 10-15 minutes for the design to dry, then appy a top coat and you’re done! 😀

Here are more pics of the design:


This design would also look awesome with other colors–if you try any out, let me know how it worked out for you! XOXO

Classic French Tip

This week I’m at a conference in Prague, so I needed to have work-approporiate nails. The universally appropriate, feminine, and gorgeous design perfect for this is of course the classic french tip.

Learning the technique of the french tip is essential if you are into nail art, since it is such an easy way to create the classical sophisticated look, as well as many other fun designs. It is a nail art staple.

This is how i create a classic white french tip.

Firstly, I apply a base coat.

From this picture you might notice that since my nails are quite short, I don’t have a natural “white tip” on my nails. That is ok, we can be tricky and draw one anyway.

The next step is optional, but I like to apply two coats of a very sheer matt pinkish-cream color as the base. This will even out the color and surface of my nails.

The next step is to create the actual white tip. There are several ways to do this. One is to use white nail art brushes.

Most nail art brushes are quite thin and long, like this Inglot one:

Others are shorter and more stiff, like this Catrice one:

Personally I prefer using the shorter one since I find it gives me more control and therefore a more precise application.

To draw the white part, just wipe the excess polish from the brush on the edge of the tube, beginning in one corner, draw the line. It doesn’t have to be one fluid motion, you can always draw it in strokes and correct the line as you go along. Start at the very tip and work your way up–this way you will have more room for mistakes.

For drawing with your non-dominant (usually left) hand, hold the brush firmly with your non-dominant nand, and rotate the fingers on your dominant hand under the brush.

Another way of making a french tip is using special sticker strips for this.

These are available in all nail art sections at most drugstores. If you use them directly, they might adhere to your base coats and peel them off when removed. To avoid this, just stick and peel the stickers several times on the back of your hand first, to remove the excess glue.

Then, simly slide the sticker around on your nail until it fits the shape you want to achieve, and press it firmly onto the nail.

Now you can either use a tip-painter or a regular opaque white color to fill in the tip. Wait a few minutes until the polish is semi-dry, then carefully peel off the sticker.

Finally, finish off with several layers of top coat. This step is absolutely necessary for this particular design, as the white polishes are usually not formulated to last without a topcoat; they will likely start chipping off within several hours if you don’t apply it.

Enjoy your design XOXO

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