Essence Whoom Boooom-inspired nail design

I’m back! I’ve been gone for nearly a month now due to exams, but they are over and I’m ready to play with nailpolish again 🙂

Firsly, the Essence Whoom Boooom-inspired look I’d promised ages ago. This was obviously inspired by the retro comicbook-style packaging of the Whoom Boom limited edition collection that came out in February… I know that was ages ago but you can still pick up a few items from there if you’re in the Netherlands, because the limited edition collections always come here late for some reason.

Anyway… I got only one nailpolish plus the nail stickers from that collection, so I tried to select colors similar to the ones in the collection for this design. Here are the items I used:

A base and top coat; dark blue, white, coral red, and lime green nail polishes; a white tip painter (for corrections); a small dotting tool, Essence Whoom Boooom stickers, angled french tip stickers, and clear adhesive tape.

Begin with applying a protective base coat over your bare nails, followed by several layers of the dark blue. Then, apply slanted strips of clear adhesive tape, to create a diagonal line on each of your nails. (Stick the tape on the back of your hand several times first, to remove the excess glue.) Then, paint the top half of the nail white.

Don’t worry if it’s a bit messy around your cuticles, you can always clean that up with a cotton swab and a bit of nailpolish remover later.

Wait until the nailpolish is nearly dry, then carefully peel off the tape.

Next, take the angled french nail tip guides (available at most drugstores or nail art counters), and position them on the white area, as in the picture (again, remove the excess glue first).

Apply the lime green to the tips on the nails.

When the green coat is nearly dry, carefully remove the guide stickers. Fix up any imperfections with the white nail tip painter.

Using the dotting tool, create little coral red dots along the edge where the white meets the green.

And now for the fun part! Using a pair of tweasers, carefully pick up one of the nail stickers and place it on the dark blue area of the nail. The set contains pleanty of colorful fun stickers with lips, dollar signs, exclamation points, speech bubbles, etc. And all the stickers smell of peppermint! Small impractical detail, but a really nice touch in my opinion.

Finally, apply a generous top coat to seal the stickers and bring all of the layers into a single design. Have fun wearing it! XOXO


Beige black french tip

This is a very simple and understated design, great for the office or conferences. The black french tip is a classic but a bit boring, so I spiced it up a bit. Enjoy 😉

Begin with ya neutral base color (I’m using 150 by My MNY, a milk chocolate-beige color)


With a black nail art striper (I’m using Essence), create a French tip on your nails.

Next, prepare a small dotting tool, a scrap sheet of paper, and a simple black nailpolish.

Dab a bit of the black polish onto the scrap sheet of paper, then using the dotting tool, create a line of small dots just under the french tip.

Now just add a top coat and you’re done! XO

Pretty in Plaid

This is probably one of my new favorite designs. It’s quite easy to make, but looks neat and sophisticated.

Here are the polishes that I used:

Base and top coat, light grey polish, red and black nail art stripers.

Once the base coat is dry, apply the light grey color until it is opaque.

With the black nail striper, draw two vertical and two horizontal lines on each nail. Try to make them perfectly perpendicular to each other.

Now try to draw a second “box”, slightly to the right and above the first one, with the red nail art striper.

Now just wait until the design completely dries, then apply a top coat and you’re done!

The top coat will give your nails a fabulous shine and will protect the design against chipping. If you’d like your design to last up to a week, re-apply a layer of top coat every other day. XOXO

P.S. When I wore this design, I got so many compliments on my nails! The very straight lines make the design look very neat and put-together; as a result people will think you spent ages on every detail in the design 😉

Mean Green!

This design is very simple and super-easy to do! It’s perfect if you’re just getting started with nail art and want to get a hang of your instruments.

All you need is a light green base color (I’m using Green With Envy by Sally Hansen), and a yellow and golden nail art striper. (And don’t forget your base and top coat!)

Once your base coat is dry, apply the green color to your nails.

Next, with the yellow striper, draw messy slightly diagonal lines on on your nails. We’re going for a “natural” look so the messier the lines–the better!

Once the yellow is dry, accentuate the lines with the gold nail art striper.

Now just add a top coat and ta-daaaa! You’re finished!

This design is great for when you’re on the go but still want something fun on your nails 🙂 Have fun with it! XOXO

80’s Clutch pink!

Yello peeps! What’s crackalackin? Some funky 80-s inspired pink and silver nail art to make your day fantabulous!  Enjoy 🙂

Here are the items I used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– pearly-lilac color (22 by Etos Effect Nails)

– bright pink nail art striper (04 pink! by Essence)

– silver nail art striper (03 silver surfer by Essence)

After your base coat dries, apply several coats of the lilac color to your nails.

Next, use the pink nail art striper to create a slanted tip on one side of the nail.

Use the silver art striper to create a slanted tip on the other side of the nail. Draw it so that it overlaps the pink slighly.

Draw a pink line separating the silver and the lilac. Draw a second pink line parallel to the first one.

Draw a sliver “V” along the inner pink edges, separating them from the lilac.

Apply a top coat for some extra shine and you’re done! Time to get freaky on the dance floor like it’s 1986! Word!

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