Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat nail art tutorial 2!

Hi peeps! Since according to this post, you all absolutely loved these two tutorials, I made a new Cat in the Hat* nail art design!

This one was inspired by this picture of the Cat with a blue background:

Here are the items I used:

– base coat by OPI, top coat by Seche vite

– sky blue polish (Denim Dreams by H&M)

– red polish (036 by Inglot)

– opaque white polish (by Seventeen)

– red, white, and black nail art stripers

– a medium and a very small dotting tool or toothpick

Once your base coat has dried, apply the sky blue color to your nails.

Next, create quite a thick french tip on all fingers but your ring finger:

Next, with the red nail art striper, create two thin red stripes over the white tip: one at the base of the strip, the second one in the middle. This will represen the cat’s hat 🙂

Get your red and white nailpolishes, along with your dotting tools and a scrap sheet of paper, ready.

Dab a bit of the white nailpolish on the scrap sheet of paper, and with the medium dotting tool, roughtly create the outline of the Cat in the Hat on your ring finger.

Next, dab a bit of the red polish onto the paper and with the smaller dotting tool, create the red hat stripes and the bow.

Finally, with the black nailpolish and the smallest dotting tool you have, fill in the black parts of the cat’s body and draw his facial features.

Since you applied so many layers of nailpolish, wait a long while (I would recommend an hour) until your design is completely dry before applying your top coat.

You’re done! Have fun with your nail design XXOX

*Disclaimer: I don’t own the cat in the hat image posted above; I borrowed it to use for inspiration 😉


Request: Mermaid toes!

Christina requested a sea-themed design, so here it is 🙂

This is actually really easy to do, if you have the wavy stencils. These can be found at Essence nail art counters, or if you don’t have Essence where you live, other nail art companies should have similar sticker designs.

Here are the items I used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– a pearly sea-green color (330) by Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours

– a deep blue color (04 Forever Mine) by Essence, from the Denim Wanted collection

– wave-shaped Essence Nail Art Designs stencil stickers

– a makeup sponge

– a medium and a small dotting tool

Begin by applying the base coat, followed by the light sea-green polish. I absolutely love this color–it looks like bubblegum green 🙂

Make sure this coat is thoroughly dry before applying the wave-shaped stencils, otherwise some polish may come off when you remove the stencils.

I only had eight stickers left, but this was enough since 1/2 a stencil is enough for each of the little toes 🙂

Place the stencils about 1/2 way up the nail, press down firmly to make sure there are no gaps.

Next, take a scrap sheet of paper and place a bit of the blue nail polish on it. Have your makeup sponge (a regular disposable foundation applicator sponge) ready.

Dip the makeup sponge into the polish, dab off any excess polish on the sheet.

With a light touch, dab a full coat of polish on the uncovered side of your toenails. Once that is dry, sponge on a second coat.

This can get really messy, so while you are waiting for the final coat to dry, clean up the skin around your nails with a q-tip dipped into some nail polish remover.

When the polish is dry, carefully peel off the stencils.

Next, dab a bit of the blue nail polish on the sheet and use a medium-large dotting tool to create some dots on the green side. Repeat with the green polish on the blue side.

Next, take the smallest dotting tool you have and add smaller blue dots in the center of the large green dots and vice versa.

Wait for everything to completely dry, then apply a top coat and you’re done! Happy swimming 🙂 XOXO

Request: Einstein-inspired nails

Some time ago I was requested to do an Einstein-inspired tutorial. Einstein was not only the greatest physicist of the 20th Century (and some say–of all time); his theories completely changed our notion of the fundamentals of physics, and his approach to science revolutionized the way we think today.  Personally I have been inpired by Einstein in many ways myself, so I gladly fulfilled this request 🙂

Here are the items I used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– dark blue nailpolish (Light my Sapphire by OPI)

– green-blue glitter polish (38 Choose Me by Essence)

– nail art stripers in white, yellow, red, dark brown, silver, and purple glitter (Inglot and Orkide)

– two clear rihenestiones

After applying a base coat, paint your nails dark blue or black:

Over the dark background, add the blue-green glitter polish. This will give the nails a Matrix-like background, which can also resemble a (greenish) starry sky or a green chalkboard.

Now it’s time to make the designs.

Einstein created the theory of General Relativity which among other things explains why it’s impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and postulates the existance of black holes, infinitly-dense stars with an escape velocity higher than the speed of light, so that nothing, not even light can escape from their surface. Einstein also proposed the mass-energy equivalence, the famous E = mc^2 equation, which states that mass and energy are the same, and popularized the spacetime mathematical model, which states that space and time are basically two sides of the same coin: time is a dimension of space.

So for the design I chose the following symbols: the word “Relativity” on my thumb, the famous E=mc2 equation on my middle finger, a black hole on my ring finger, a 3-axis righthand coordinate system to represent space on my index finger, and a little clock to represent time on my pinky.

I began with the thumbs. Using a yellow nail art striper, i wrote “Relativity” in funky dancing letters to form a letter loop:

And on my left hand:

Next, using the same yellow nail art striper I wrote E=mc^2 on my middle fingers. Yellow on green–like a formula written on a chalk board 🙂

And on the left hand:

Next, I drew the black hole on my ring finger. Technically, black holes should be invisible since not even light can escape their gravitational pull, but they are visible due to the effects they have on other stuff, like for instance on the gas of other stars in the vicinity. Also, other scientists postulate that black holes can have gamma-ray bursts from the poles. So I incorporated both elements in the design.

I used this picture for inspiration:

which i found here.

Firstly, using the sliver nail art striper, I painted several oval-shaped stripes to represent the matter circling around the black hole. Then, I added some straight sripes to represent the gamma-ray bursts.

Then I added some purple glitter and a rhinestone in the middle, cuz that’s how i roll.

Next, using the white nail art striper, I created the coordinate system on my index finger:

Finally, I drew the clock on my pinky. First, I created a round blob with the nail art striper:

Then, I outlined the circle and drew the hands with a brown art striper, and added the hour divisions with the red art striper.

Finally, I added a top coat to my nails.

I’d say that was relatively easy *puts on shades*

More pics!

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