Catrice Urban Baroque-inspired nail design

This nail design was inspired by the Catrice Urban Baroque limited edition collection. It aims to combine Baroque elegance with a dirty, vintage feel.

Here are the items I used to create it:

– base coat by OPI

– a pale pink nail varnish (C02 Rock Baroque from the Urban Baroque LE collection by Catrice)

– a black nail varnish and tip painter (both from the Essence I Love Berlin LE collection)

– a matte top coat (by Essence)

– a medium and a small dotting tool.

Begin by applying a base coat. Once that is dry, apply several layers of the pale pink until the color is opaque.

With the black tip painter, create a french tip on your pinky, middle and index fingers.

Next, dab a bit of the black nailpolish on a scrap sheet of paper and create the baroque-inspired vase shape on your ring finger and thumb. To show you how I created the design, here is a step-by-step closeup on a sheet of paper:

1. With the medium dotting tool create five dots in a triangle-shape, closer to the tip of your nail.

2. With the small dotting tool or a toothpick, drag the nailpolish from the dots downwards to a point below the center of the triangle. From the top dot, drag an additional line upwards.

3. With the medium dotting tool, create a large wide “dot” just below the point where the dot-lines meet.

4. Drag two C-shaped curls from the dot, downwards. Create two short lines under the wide C-shape.

5. Add a few small dots around the vase design.

While the designs on your ring fingers and thumbs are drying, add three small black dots at the base of each of the french tip nails.

Wait at least 40 minutes until all of the layers have completely dried. Then apply a matte top coat to your nails. This will give the design that dirty vintage feel.

If you’re not satisfied with the “matte-ness” of the top coat, you can always add an extra layer to enhance the effect. Once that is dry, you’re done! Enjoy 😉 XO


Springtime nail design: Blossoming Sakura

I know it’s still February but I am sooo ready for Spring! One of the first fruit trees to blossom is the winter cherry or sakura tree. In some parts of the world, it begins to blossom as early as January!

I don’t know what it is about this design, but whoever sees it usually recognizes it as distinctly Japanese-inspired. Why is that? Probably the deep-blue background versus the leafless branches with pink blossoms…

Here are the items I used for it:

– base (OPI) and top coat (Seche Vite)

– deep blue-green color (Green Grass by Essence, from the I love Berlin collection)

– Rosepetal-pink (by H&M)

– White (by Seventeen)

– Brown and chamagne-glitter nail art stripers

– a large and small dotting tool

– a toothpick

Begin by applying a base to your nails. Once that is dry, apply the base (deep blue-green) color:

Using the brown nail art striper, draw a branch on each nail. Don’t be afraid to get creative and random! 🙂

To emphasize the branches a bit, go over one side of the branch with the champagne glitter striper (you can also use silver or gold glitter if you don’t have this color.)

Next, prepare a scrap sheet of paper, your white polish, a large dotting tool, and a toothpick.

Dab a bit of the white polish onto the sheet, and using the large dotting tool, create several 3-dot clusters along the branches.

Wait 20-40 seconds for the nailpolish to become tacky, then using a toothpick drag the dots from each cluster into a point on the branch. This will turn the clusters into beautiful sakura blossoms 🙂

Repeat on the rest of your nails.

Next, take the pink nailpolish and with a small dotting tool and a toothpick create smaller flower clusters inside the white ones.

As a finishing touch, dab a bit of the champagne-colored glitter polish at the center of each flower.

Make sure to wait until the nailpolish is completely dry before applying a top coat. It will add a nice glossy shine and bring your whole design together (not to mention protect it from chipping for longer ;)) Enjoy your beautiful Sakura nail design! 🙂 XOXO


Mean Green!

This design is very simple and super-easy to do! It’s perfect if you’re just getting started with nail art and want to get a hang of your instruments.

All you need is a light green base color (I’m using Green With Envy by Sally Hansen), and a yellow and golden nail art striper. (And don’t forget your base and top coat!)

Once your base coat is dry, apply the green color to your nails.

Next, with the yellow striper, draw messy slightly diagonal lines on on your nails. We’re going for a “natural” look so the messier the lines–the better!

Once the yellow is dry, accentuate the lines with the gold nail art striper.

Now just add a top coat and ta-daaaa! You’re finished!

This design is great for when you’re on the go but still want something fun on your nails 🙂 Have fun with it! XOXO

Tutorial: Golden leaves

Autumn is here and I can finally take out my warmer and more sturdy colors: reds, golds, browns… these sort of colors I never use in the summer, so I’m happy to have them on my nails again 🙂

Here are the items I used: base coat (Nali Envy) and top coat by OPI, a deep magenta red (Crispy Crimson from the Expect the Unexpected collection by Catrice, golden opaque and glittery nail art stripers by Coral art (numbers 13 and 15), and a chocolate brown nail art striper by Orkide.

The first step is to apply a basecoat and two coats of the red nailpolish:

Next, do a simple French tip with the golden opaque nail art striper.

Then, with the brown art striper, paint a tree from the root to the tip of your nail. Don’t worry if the branches aren’t perfect! Part of the fun is designing a unique tree on each nail. You can either chose to do this on all of your nails, but I love to do the main decorations just on my ring finger and thumb.

Next, take the opaque golden nail art striper again and draw several golden leaves coming from the branches. Try to draw about 3-4 leaves on each finger. Again, they don’t have to be perfect; nature has pleanty beautiful imperfections 😉

Next, take the glittery golden nail art striper and go over the golden tips and leavers with it. The glitter wil add an extra dimension to your nails, really making a difference. (Though it doesn’t show up on the camera too well, in life it’s much more vibrant ;))

Finally, when the design is completely dry, add a top coat layer. It will bring the textures of all the polishes together into one design, give your nails a gorgeous shiny finish, and protect the design so it will stay on longer. I recommend re-applying a layer of topocoat every day or every other day, and the design will last up to a week 🙂

Here are a few more pictures of the design:

And my left hand, which is always a bit more messy :p

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