Mini collective haul January-March: Essence I Love Berlin, Catrice Urban Baroque

Hi guys!

February was declared a no-shopping month for me so I have a tinyhaul from a few thigs I picked up in the end of January and the beginning of March.

Firstly, from the Essence I Love Berlin LE collection I got three nailpolishes:

03 Green Grass, 05 Berlin Story, and the black matte tip painter.

Green Grass is an intense shimmer-free blue-green color. I’ve already done a tutorial with it–absolutely gorgeous color! And like all Catrice nailpolishes–very good quality.

05 Berlin Story is a plain black color, which is a great staple to have in your nailpolish collection. This one is quite opaque, so I’m really happy with it.

The tip painter is good as well; the brush is very thin and sturdy. I don’t care much that it’s a matte painter, as I’ll be using it with a top coat anyway.

Next, from the Catrice Urban Baroque LE collection, I was only able to get the C02 Rock Baroque color as all the others were sold out by the beginning of March 😦

It’s a gorgeous pastel pink color, though I was a bit dissappointed at the low pigmentation–the above coverage took five coats! Although this gives the nailcolor a translucent quality. Very pretty and feminine.

(I made an Urban Baroque-inspired tutorial with this color that’s coming up next so stay tuned ;))

Last but not least, I got 160 Sweets for my Sweets  from the permanent Catrice collection.

It’s a fun bright pink for an extra pop of color in the sunny Spring weather 😉 XO


Beige black french tip

This is a very simple and understated design, great for the office or conferences. The black french tip is a classic but a bit boring, so I spiced it up a bit. Enjoy 😉

Begin with ya neutral base color (I’m using 150 by My MNY, a milk chocolate-beige color)


With a black nail art striper (I’m using Essence), create a French tip on your nails.

Next, prepare a small dotting tool, a scrap sheet of paper, and a simple black nailpolish.

Dab a bit of the black polish onto the scrap sheet of paper, then using the dotting tool, create a line of small dots just under the french tip.

Now just add a top coat and you’re done! XO

Pretty in Plaid

This is probably one of my new favorite designs. It’s quite easy to make, but looks neat and sophisticated.

Here are the polishes that I used:

Base and top coat, light grey polish, red and black nail art stripers.

Once the base coat is dry, apply the light grey color until it is opaque.

With the black nail striper, draw two vertical and two horizontal lines on each nail. Try to make them perfectly perpendicular to each other.

Now try to draw a second “box”, slightly to the right and above the first one, with the red nail art striper.

Now just wait until the design completely dries, then apply a top coat and you’re done!

The top coat will give your nails a fabulous shine and will protect the design against chipping. If you’d like your design to last up to a week, re-apply a layer of top coat every other day. XOXO

P.S. When I wore this design, I got so many compliments on my nails! The very straight lines make the design look very neat and put-together; as a result people will think you spent ages on every detail in the design 😉


Finally, here is the design that completes the Harry Potter series.

Hufflepuff colors are yellow and black, but I made a golden-black-white design, with no letters or coat-of-arms this time as I’d like this to be a wearable design even now that all of the Harry Potter hype has temporarily subsided 😉 So do try it out!! It’s a fun design and in my opinion turned out quite nice!

Here are the items I used, you can use similar colors for the same effect 😉

– base and top coat by OPI

– “Gold” by H&M

– White nailpolish by Seventeen

– Black and white nail art stripers by Essence

– dotting tool

For the design, I was inspired by the background of the Hufflepuff coat-of-arms (movie version), particularly the diagonal stripes and pretty leaf-looking thingies… anybody know what those are called?

Here is how to create the design. After your base coat has dried, apply the golden color to your nails until it is opaque.

Next, draw black diagonal stripes on your index, middle, and pinky fingernails.

On your ring finger and thumb, draw the leaf-design.

Next, put a  bit of white polish on a scrap sheet of paper. Use a dotting tool to create dots between the black lines. Don’t worry if the dots have random size and seemingly arbitrary position–this will make the design more interesting 😉

Also place four white dots around the leaf-design, at the tip, base, left and right sides of the nail.

With the white striper, draw a second, smaller leaf-shape within the larger black one. With the black nail art striper or a dotting tool, place smaller black dots inside the white dots on your ring finger and thumb.

Now just add a top coat and you’re done! Enjoy 🙂 XOXO

Mini-haul and Review: L’Oréal Resist and Shine Titanium polish

Just one nailpolish in this haul–L’Oreal’s Resist and Shine Titanium polish in the color 734 Black Red. Normally these are around 10 euros but this one was on sale so I couldn’t resist 🙂

I’m impressed by the quality–the color applies smoothly and evenly and is very pigmented, though I must say it’s not true to the color–it appears way more black on the nails than it does in the jar.

Here is what it looks like after one coat (with a flash):

The brush is quite wide, wich makes application easier and smoother.

Because the polish is so pigmented, a little goes a long way, and it also dries more quickly due to the less layers needed.

There’s a small flaw in the packaging: the square cap came off when I tried to open the tube. Of course this is a minor detail and perhaps the reason this particular batch was on sale 🙂

Overall, I give this polish an 8/10 (-2 for the not-true-to-tube color).

This is definitely a color I will be using often (in fact, I used it in my Gryffindor nail design, which is up next so stay tuned ;)) XOXO

Halloween tutorial: Flirty pirate girl

Ahoy mateys! Tis time ye mateys an’ wenches show ye pirate pride! Arrrrrrrr!

(Pretend that the kitchen knife I’m holding is a pirate sword :p)

For this teachin’ I made use of this here loot:

– base and top coat by  OPI

– black polish (800 black out by Rimmel London)

– white nail art painter by Essence

– red glittery nail art painter

– nail art stampy set (with a skull and bones design) and white stampy polish by Essence

Begin by applying a base coat to your nails. Then, paint all of your nails a very black color.

Next, it’s time to make the skull stamps. These will of course represent the pirate flag! Arrr!

For this you will need: The metal stamp board, the blade, the stamp rubber (all three items come in the stampy set), and of course the stampy polish. You can also use regular nailpolish instead of the stampy polish, but the stampy polish usually works better.

First, dab a bit of the stampy polish onto the design you wish to transfer to your nails.

Next, quickly wipe off the excess polish with the blade from the kit.

Quickly press hard on the design to tranfer it to the rubber stamp.

Then, firmly roll the design from the rubber stamper onto your nail.

I recommend you clean the metal tamp template with a bit of nailpolish remover after each stamp.

Repeat this on all of the nails you wish to stamp. I chose to put the skull design on every other finger: the pinky, middle finger, and thumb on my left hand and the index finger and ring finger on my right hand.

Next, take a white nail art striper and draw some vertical lines of varying thickness on the rest of your nails. The messy stripe pattern will represent the clothing pirates like to wear.

Since it’s a flirty pirate look, we’ll also add a bit of girly sparkle 😉

Color one random stripe on each nail and the eyes of the skull with a bit of red glitter.

Finally, apply a top coat and you’re done! Time to go get that loot! Arrrrrrrr! XOXO



Halloween tutorial! Sexy spiderwebs ;)

Halloween is coming soon, and this year instead of zombies and gouls I think we should be bringing out the sexy beasts in us 😉 so I’ll be doing a series of fun and feminine Halloween-themed designs.

The first one was inspidered by my pet spiders who visit me every fall and set up shop around my kitchen window hunting for some fat juicy flies. Spiderwebs are quite elaborate and beautiful and are therefore perfect inspiration for a spooky yet feminine design.

Here are the items I used:

– base and top coat by OPI

– a deep wine color nailpolish (100 Wine-tastic by Catrice)

– a silver nail art striper

– several white rhinestones

Begin by applying a base coat to your nails. Then, paint several coats of the deep wine colour (you can also use black).

Now it’s time to draw the spiderwebs. You can either chose to do this on individual fingers or on all of them; I chose do do it on my ring finger and thumb.

Begin by chosing a point where you want the center of your web to be. For my ring finger, I chose the center of my nail. Draw several rays outward from that point.

Next, draw the little lines between the rays, try to make them more curved inwards than straight. This will make your design seem more elaborate and feminine.

Repeat the same process on the other nail(s) you wish to paint. You can chose different points on your nails where to start the spiderweb from. For my thumb, I chose the left inner corner.

Once your spiderwebs are complete, add a white rhinestone to the center of each spiderweb.

On my left hand, I chose to only paint the ring finger:

Finally, wait for the design to completely dry, then apply several layers of top coat and you’re done! Now you’re ready to catch your next prey 😉 XOXO

More pics of the design:

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