Catrice Floralista: Lavender Breeze

The only color I got from the limited edition Catrice Floralista collection that is out now, is the C03 Lavender Breeze color. I must say, I expected more: I wouldn’t even call this a breeze, more like a distant memory of a breeze… The color is so pale it’s more white than anything else, and it’s even more pale on your nails than it is in the tube. If you don’t have a nice white in your collection, I’d say go for it. Otherwise, give it a pass… XO


Essence Whoom Boom (Haul + swatch)

The new Essence Whoom Boom limited collection edition is out and I picked up two things from the nail art section.

Firstly, the nail varnish. Out of the four nailpolishes I got just one: 01 Chacalaca. It;s a deep shimmer-free blue with a purple undertone.

Here is the swatch with a flash:

and in natural light:

The nail varnishes were around 1.75 euros each. There was also a hot pink, orange, and lime-green one but I already have similar shades so I passed on those.

The second thing I got was the nail art stickers that came with the collection.

They’re very cute and fun, and they’re scented! The smell is like eucalyptus mixed with liquorice… kind of like peppermint, which suits the style of the collection very well.

I’ve done a tutorial with the nail varnish and stickers, that will be up next so stay tuned đŸ˜‰ XO

Final US mini-haul

Ok, so I know I said no more hauls from the US, but then I found this Nail Supply store with crazy cheap OPI polishes and I got a few things. First off, my HOLY GRAIL product, which was like 4 times cheaper than it is here in Europe, Nail Envy by OPI!

I always use it as a base, and it has done wonders to my nails, really. So this should last me about a year đŸ˜‰

I also got these two fabulous colors: And This Little Piggy and Queen of the West Web-erly

And This Little Piggy is a gorgeous very shimmery light pink. It’s so sheer, it can almost be used as a shimmery top-coat for pink or red designs. The picture below is 4 or 5 coats of it.

Queen of the West Web-erly, on the other hand, is quite opaque. It’s a gorgeous warm-toned pearly mauve-pinkish color and I absolutely love it. Below is two coats on my nails.

OPI polishes are very good quality, and at the nail supply they were only 5 US dollars each (normal price: 14 Euros)  so well worth it đŸ˜‰ XOXO

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