Essence Whoom Boooom-inspired nail design

I’m back! I’ve been gone for nearly a month now due to exams, but they are over and I’m ready to play with nailpolish again 🙂

Firsly, the Essence Whoom Boooom-inspired look I’d promised ages ago. This was obviously inspired by the retro comicbook-style packaging of the Whoom Boom limited edition collection that came out in February… I know that was ages ago but you can still pick up a few items from there if you’re in the Netherlands, because the limited edition collections always come here late for some reason.

Anyway… I got only one nailpolish plus the nail stickers from that collection, so I tried to select colors similar to the ones in the collection for this design. Here are the items I used:

A base and top coat; dark blue, white, coral red, and lime green nail polishes; a white tip painter (for corrections); a small dotting tool, Essence Whoom Boooom stickers, angled french tip stickers, and clear adhesive tape.

Begin with applying a protective base coat over your bare nails, followed by several layers of the dark blue. Then, apply slanted strips of clear adhesive tape, to create a diagonal line on each of your nails. (Stick the tape on the back of your hand several times first, to remove the excess glue.) Then, paint the top half of the nail white.

Don’t worry if it’s a bit messy around your cuticles, you can always clean that up with a cotton swab and a bit of nailpolish remover later.

Wait until the nailpolish is nearly dry, then carefully peel off the tape.

Next, take the angled french nail tip guides (available at most drugstores or nail art counters), and position them on the white area, as in the picture (again, remove the excess glue first).

Apply the lime green to the tips on the nails.

When the green coat is nearly dry, carefully remove the guide stickers. Fix up any imperfections with the white nail tip painter.

Using the dotting tool, create little coral red dots along the edge where the white meets the green.

And now for the fun part! Using a pair of tweasers, carefully pick up one of the nail stickers and place it on the dark blue area of the nail. The set contains pleanty of colorful fun stickers with lips, dollar signs, exclamation points, speech bubbles, etc. And all the stickers smell of peppermint! Small impractical detail, but a really nice touch in my opinion.

Finally, apply a generous top coat to seal the stickers and bring all of the layers into a single design. Have fun wearing it! XOXO


Catrice Floralista: Lavender Breeze

The only color I got from the limited edition Catrice Floralista collection that is out now, is the C03 Lavender Breeze color. I must say, I expected more: I wouldn’t even call this a breeze, more like a distant memory of a breeze… The color is so pale it’s more white than anything else, and it’s even more pale on your nails than it is in the tube. If you don’t have a nice white in your collection, I’d say go for it. Otherwise, give it a pass… XO

Experiment: Essence Lace nail art stickers (Valentine’s Day Nails!)

For the nail design I had on for Valentine’s day, I tried out Essence lace nail art stickers. You can get these at Essence nail art counters, but if Essence isn’t available where you live, other companies make them too. Check for them at your local beauty supply or online.

In order to make the design stand out more, I painted my nails with a matt white color (by Elf)

The Essence lace sticker pack looks like this:

There are five different lace designs, two rows of each. One row, if cut properly, is just enough to cover the width of five fingernails.

The first thing you need to do is measure off a length approximately equal to the width of your nail. Mark the line mentally or with a thin black marker, then cut it off with some nail scissors.

The sticker itself is quite fragile and has the consistency of a dried strip of transparent glue. I used a pair of tweasers to carefully peel it off the film and position it on my nail.

Repeat with the rest of the nails. Like I mentioned earlier, both strips are barely enough to cover the width of all of your nails, so do keep that in mind when you are cutting them.

As you can see, the stickers didn’t cover all of my nails perfectly; the line was simply a bit too short. Additionally, you have to use a top coat with these stickers in order to prevent them from peeling off.

On the plus side though, I really liked the velvety texture and flexibility of the stickers, which made them seem more like lace and less like stickers. The adhesive was also pretty good, even after i repositioned several stickers. Also, once the top coat was applied, the lace blended in well with the texture of the nail, and the stickers came off easily with nailpolish remover.

Overall I give them a 7/10, -2 points for the short length of the strips and -1 for the difficulty in sizing/handeling the stickers.

To draw the attention away from the imperfections of the design, I added a few dots and hearts using a small dotting tool. I must say, I quite like the end result 😉


Ladies’ Night!

Me and my girls had a ladies’ night in and of course I was able to do everyone’s nails there! Aaaah, nail art heaven: so many clean canvases! 😉 Most of the designs are variations of designs I previously did tutorials on, so I’ll add links if you’re interested in how to make them. The ladies chose the colors/design themes themselves, so I love the way the designs reflect each girl’s individual style.

Melissa’s design: Green emerald. I love doing variations of this design for classy, office-appropriate nails. It’s simple and chic, with a hint of glamour (which totally fits Melissa’s personality! ;))

(I don’t have a tutorial for this yet but I might do one in the future.)

Kirsten’s design is sweet and girly: purple with pink waterlilies.

In fact, the waterlily design was quite popular this evening: three girls chose it, but in different colors.

Alexandra chose neutral, very light colors for the design, making it feminine yet very clean and practical for the office.

Diane chose bright colors for the background and strict black-and-white for the flowers themselves. This gives the design a fun, almost tribal feel.

Alisa chose one of my favorite desings: Blossoming sakura on a blue background. It’s youthful, feminine, fresh, fun.

Last but not least, yours truly went for a flashy-yet-netural gold and silver leopard print design. Cause I’m the wild one! 😉 Animal prints are great for practically any occasion because they are usually done in neutral colors which go with everything, plus you can’t mess them up since the messier they are, the more natural they look!

Ooh almost forgot! I also did my toenails. I think the only thing missing from this design is some pink unicorns 😉

It was a fun night and really fun for me to do all the girls’ nails! Nailpainting is a great opportunity for some female bonding 😉 XOXO

Longwood Garden

Hello Daaaahlings! I’m officially back from the US, but I’ve got a few more posts from there 😉 During the last week of my trip, I went to Longwood Gardens, a large botanical garden with an amazing flower collection. In preparation for the trip, I created one of my favorite flower designs–water lilies. It’s a very feminine design and looks complicated, but it’s actually super-easy to create.

Take your favorite base color (I’m using Queen of West Web-erly by OPI) and three nail art stripers (I’m using white, sliver, and taupe-gold) and let’s begin 🙂

Apply a base coat to protect your nails and let it dry. Then, apply your base color.

Next, use the white (or another opaque color) striper to create the lily petals.

Then, take the shimmery color (silver) and draw thin straight rays between the petals. Take the third striper color (gold) and draw short lines inside the petals.

Wait until the design dries completely, then apply a top coat, and you’re done!

Here are more pictures of the design with the beautiful flowers from Longwood Gardens XOXO

SNowflAKES on a plane!!

I am in the U.S. right now, visiting my parents for the Winter holidays. On my way here (a 8-hour flight from Amsterdam) I killed some time with this snoflake design, created with a raspberry-red polish as a base and a white nail art striper (french tip painter by Essence) to create the snowflakes.

The beauty of this design is, you can create as many snowflakes as you like and really get creative with the shape/size etc.

One tip though: nail designs and turbulence do not go well together 😉 XOXO

Snowflake french tip

Hope you’ve all had a very Merry Christmas!

This Christmas I finally met my boyfriend’s family, so for the occasion I decided to do something simple and chic with my nails 🙂 I’m a firm believer that the classical french tip manicure is perfect for any occasion, and you can always add a bit of flavor to it with a simple design 😉

Here are the items I used:

– base by Inglot (out of Nail Envy—noooOoooOOooO!)

– translucent milky color by MNY

– silver and white nail art stripers by Essence

– top coat by OPI

Firstly, create a simple french tip using the translucent white polish  and white nail art painter.

Next, create a snowflake design on your ring finger and thumb. You can be creative, but the simples way to make snowflakes is to draw a 6-point cross and then elaborate a bit on each of the branches. I made one large snowflake and several tiny ones on each of the fingers.

Now, add a bit of detail with the silver nail art striper: outline the main branches, without touching the smaller ones. This will add a bit of depth and sparkle to your design.

Now just wait for the design to completely dry, then add a top coat and you’re done! Enjoy the beauty and elegance of Winter before it melts 😉 XOXO

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